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  1. I miss u guyz all readeeee.... .
  2. I dont like that jokes lol not lol
  3. Me dont get a few seconds i had to get up ....I drink a 2litter of Mt.dew....this makes me sleeping and bad...
  4. heh.i have the same problem half the time.cant go to sleep until 2 in the morning if im luckyim awake this time though thanks to Monsters
  5. SLEEPY AH! whatz up....kinda tried nocturnal habits is not helping
  6. Sorry being so random lol i get worried....
  7. we r alright i think.i know me,josh and spooner r ok.idk about matt and all them but they seem to b alright as far as i know of.
  8. Me how are you and Matt friends....????
  9. o hey.nothin really.just hangin out on here since im all done with my stuff.u?
  10. Wazz up...what u doing ???? .
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