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  1. Yeah, I've been busy as well. To answer your question: I was lookin' for some kind of office administration job. I've been doin' that type of work for years now (IE: Administrative Assistant, Office Clerk, Data Entry, etc.). But, I found a job in sales for Kirby Co. So, that's cool and all. How've you been?
  2. I got busy for a couple weeks. A total headache, but in the end, the good sort of headache, the type that makes you wanna celebrate a good day's work with a beer and a hamburger.

    Anyways, sprout, what sort of job do you have in mind?
  3. Hey, how's it goin'? ^_^

    I haven't been on much because my internet is down and I've been tryin' to find a new job. But I pop in from time to time to see how everyone is doin'.
  4. Hey sprout, good day to ya. Been a while since I last saw a post from you. What keeps you busy most days?
  5. Sure, I'll do just that. Oh, and it's been quite a pleasure chatting with you, I'll be adding you as a friend.
  6. Well, you could always start a new debate/discussion. Or talk about random topics in 'Mixed Flava'. Y'know, so it's not so quiet, LOL. There's always the members gallery--you could upload/view user pics. Umm... The arcade's pretty cool, but ya gotta make a certain amount of posts before you can use it. Hmm... I dunno, man. The window's pretty much open, it just depends on what you feel like doin'.
  7. Well, with the exception of me having to deal with working the night shift, everything's fine, I guess.

    So what's to do here now that everything seems quiet? I hear the clans are where the fun's at... wherever that is.
  8. Hey, no problem. ^_^ I'm Sprout; nice to meet you!

    I'm doin' good and yourself?
  9. Hey, thanks for the thanks! I'm Francis, btw. How's it going?
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