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  1. Computer Science and Engineering. Have you decided what you're gonna study too?
  2. Community college? That's cool... what'll you be taking up?
  3. Ah, that's awesome. You're set for a year. Good job.

    Yup. Community college for 2 years and then to a university for my bachelors.
  4. Gee, that's cool. I kinda miss school myself, but I signed myself for a one-year contract with this here company, y'see.

    So where you headed for, for college?
  5. That's cool. Lol and I agree although I dislike coffee so I use soda. :P

    Work usually keeps me busy, plus some obligations I volunteered for on the internet, as well as getting ready for college in a few months. Lol yaayyy studyinnngg.. XD;
  6. I'm doing good. Caffeine does work wonders on one's attitude, no matter how down, so I'm reviving my old energy drink/coffee infusion habit.

    So what keeps you busy these days?
  7. lol indeed. Pretty good, n yourself?
  8. Well I suppose your taking me in means I do have it, haha. So how's it going?
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