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  1. that's the thing... i didn't do anything!. they are just watching to see if I brake a rule or something, the mods had many pets, you know rats, and they love making people be ban!

    I think liberty is one thing the mods hate, maybe one or two of them know i don't fear them, and maybe that's why they don't want me here.
  2. Just curious... You're fairly new here yourself, it seems. So what'd you do that got them breathing down your neck?
  3. wowowow, I don't kiss anybody ass, i respect to be respected,.... besides i think I don't have to show anything from me,.. am here, they are here!.. so it means nothing,

    if they ban you! move on, the net is full of
  4. Well, maybe they just like doing what they do here.

    In any case, don't forget to show them your, um, appreciation then. Hahahahahaha
  5. I don't know if they are, but they can't band me for no reason, besides they are doing their job... hahaha, made me laugh, working for free!... hahahahahaha
  6. Well met. Always looking to ban someone, you say? Why's that? They got a quota or somethin'?
  7. I change?
    well the mods my friends, they are always, looking to ban someone. oh hello newbie!
  8. Just learned about this feature recently, this "visitor messages" thing.

    So how did you change your status from "Newbie" to "Under Surveillance"?
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