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  1. I played the third part of the series. On the PC, that is. It was an interesting game, although not one of my favourites. I actually liked Oblivion more. But that's just due to its setting.
    Maybe I will give the second part a chance sometimes. But to be honest, I kind of lose interest quickly in those old games. <: And before I'll start playing Fallout 2, I have to finish Mario RPG first.
  2. Yup, a different ballgame, but not completely. Fallout 2's more colorful and ribald. The third installment (developed by another company, btw) has better graphics, yet has a darker, more somber tone to it.
  3. Sorry, but I don't really drink much. I admit, there are a few Long drinks I enjoy. However, I generally try to keep it down, never drinking too much.
    It's not like you can't have fun at a party being sober. Or almost sober. :P

    Metal Slug is awesome. I played a Metal Slug collection on the Wii and it was surprisingly funny. You know I never played those "older" games, my first console was the N64.
    Well, I like Japanese video games. But I also like western games. I couldn't decide which I like more.
    Fallout 2 you say? I guess it's completely different from the newest installment?
  4. No prob. Down a few for me, I can't drink while I'm working.

    In the meantime, I'll find a way to post more without breakin' the law. Nice meeting ya!
  5. Sorry dude, I'm off now. Friend's coming and we are going to some Irish pub later later this evening partying.

    But I am totally going to respond properly, you just wait 'til tomorrow or something. :P
  6. Yup, and a bit of Playstation 2. Splinter Cell, Final Fantasy, and arcade ports, like Metal Slug.

    It's easy to be razzle-dazzled by Japanese video games, with their high-end designs and all. But nothing beats the sorta comedy you get playing old Black Isle games like Baldur's Gate and Fallout.

    Especially Fallout 2, it's a must-play IMO. Don't let the old game engine fool you. It. Is. Bad. Ass.
  7. Ohh, Baldur's Gate, nice! Remembers me of my time playing Diablo II it was I think. That were funny times.

    I completed Fallout 3, but never really played its predecessor to be honest. I heard they were good games though.
    Other than that, I did enjoy the Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic series on the PC.
    And I played WoW for some time, but I stopped. I gradually lost interest in it, that's all.

    But that's it for PC. I'm more the Nintendo type of guy, you know? Playing GameCube and Wii and stuff. Not too many RPGs on there, though. There were a few I liked, don't get me wrong but the majority of good games are found on other consoles. This might chance next year however.

    Seems you are playing PC mostly?
  8. I've played some Japanese RPGs before, and a bit of Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Oh, and Elder Scrolls too. But I enjoy the Fallout franchise the most.

  9. Yeah do that.

    Alright, seems we are alike on that matter. I also prefer the virtual ones.
    Can't decide on sci-fi vs fantasy though. I love The Lord Of The Rings. Although Halo, Star Trek, Star Wars. I guess it's a tight fight in my books.
    Which video game RPGs do you play, if I may ask?
  10. OK, thanks. I'll check the fine print regarding journals.

    RPG? Not so much the textual variety, as I prefer the video game sort. And sci-fi trumps fantasy in my books.
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