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  1. I'm just being honest. Trust me, you might find a few people ... ah, well doesn't matter. You're alright.

    There used to be a few interesting topics on here. Problem is, that mods decide to close a thread where no one posted for a month. Therefore many of them are already closed.
    If you stick around here for a little longer, you might find some interesting threads. But I'm not posting much there at the moment.
    I'm surprised myself that nothing's going on at the RPG section. Because that actually was quite an active section as I remember. I never played though. You are a RPG player?

    You have to be an elite member. That means you have to be on AO for some time, don't know how long exactly. Additionally, you have to write 500 posts. But look it up in the FAQ or rules, it is written there.
  2. Oh, I appreciate the compliment.

    In other words, not much to talk about on the main forums these days? I mean, I take a look around and I see that it usually takes a day or two before people get to post replies. And there are very few signs of life over at the RPG section. Life gets in the way, I guess.

    Speaking of journals, how do you get one here?
  3. No problem. I didn't mean to expose you by the way. Just found it to be a funny coincidence. But let me tell you as well: it's nice to have people like you 'round here. You are articulate.

    I guess I am around quite often. What's to do? Well, I am actually here most of the time just to do some messaging. Or spamming Soshi's journal with Nintendo related stuff.
  4. Hi, and thanks for the correction over at Sexy Clan! Which only proves my point, I'm not as articulate as others might make me out to be.

    What's to do around here these days? You seem to pop in more often than most others.
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