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  1. xD dont worry about that... ^^ i'll stay clear of those
  2. Haha, I wish you the best of luck then. Steer clear of the, um, nasty stuff for, um, deviants.
  3. >.< i must get my self there! Golden mine for perverts xD
  4. Well, yeah, things like that and more. Not to mention the sprawling porno industry they've got there.

    But at this point, I think I've already said too much about, um, "that".
  5. Yea she does for a while.. stopped these days.. busy lol ^^

    Oh i see...

    you mean.. like festival? I got a mail from a friend showing a horde of people... umm... enshrining dicks? and have.. a big gala of.. sex?
  6. Well, just a college course I took up for the summer, just for the credits. The teacher's been to Japan, so he knows a lot of stuff about Japanese culture. Even the things you'd regret knowing about later on, if you know what I'm talking about.

    Does your girl post here as well?
  7. lol ^^ yup... good idea.. u been to a training camp for japanese language?

    Im learning japanese through animes xD

    Im not really lucky anyway... she lives so far away.. >.< she is good.. talking with her now through Yahoo Messenger
  8. OK, so XO's a she, and Japanese to boot. Before I decide to purchase something from Japan, next time I'll send her a pic of the label first and ask her what she thinks. Even after taking a summer course, I still can't read Japanese.

    You've got a girlfriend? Lucky you! How is she?
  9. You sure have the talking style of one not like most of them members here.. sometimes i dont even understand their english >.< like my gf.. she loves her grammar xD

    A she ^^ i known her for quite some time she's now my adopted big sis xD
  10. Me, mature? Oh, Ray, you're giving me way too much credit, but thanks, haha. If you only knew, I still bum around and watch anime all day when I should be out tending my bananas and sweet potatoes. Good thing I chose hardy varieties, or I'd have nothing but a big patch of grass for a garden.

    Yep, XO's quite nice. Decided to chat him (or should that be her?) up when there was nothing left to comment on.
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