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  1. lol u got to know xxoxx too

    Ahh i see ^^ well im just 20 xD i bet i dont sound like 20 too

    Well u sound quite mature to me ^^
  2. Me? Well, it's no secret, I'm hitting 22 this month, though it might not seem like it. What about you, Ray?
  3. Pfft.. liven things up? Do i do that? xD i just do my best in expressing how i feel thats all ^^

    How old are ya? If you wish to make it a secret i dont mind at all ^^

    Sure,.. be happy to ^^
  4. Hahaha, I see. Anyways, I'll leave it up to you to liven up things, it's your duty after all. I'll just sit here and learn from ya. Oh, and may I add you up as a friend?
  5. *shrugs* i dont know.. i'll just hang out around the arcade for now.. damn bored...

    Yea.. barely anything to discuss and barely anyone to discuss with in the forum though theres always new members
  6. It's your duty to post, you say? I like that.

    Anyways, where's the fun at? I used to lurk 'round here back in the day, though things seem to have gone mellow lately.
  7. Im known as that.. so it's something natural to call me that ^^ i dont mind

    You're welcome.. it's my duty to post anyway xD
  8. Thanks for the post, RayMe! I'm Francis. May I call you Ray?
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