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  1. Man that suck, I still think it is cheap to buy but good luck.
  2. Yeah. I have to get it again on account of my ex stealing it.
  3. I too saw it in the 80's, but I had to re-watch everything b/c I was really saw small when I saw it and only vaguely remember watching the show until it was shown again on Toonami, which is why I own the whole series of Robotech because it had a very good story and I still enjoy as a 24 yr. old
  4. I haven't see Gurren Lagaan yet, but I have seen Robotech and Voltron. Was watching them when they first came out on television in the 80s.
  5. So I take it that you have seen Gurren Lagaan, I've only seen the dubbed but it was good to me since it is a mix of different shows with giant robot's, as for me I too have seen gundam and I enjoy watching them (even G-Gundam) that is cool. Have you watched Robotech, that too is a good show (a little out dated, but still good), or even Voltron (Yeah I know that the story is jumbled around a bit, but when I was a kid all I wanted to see was Voltron fighting on the screen.)
  6. I mostly prefer the Giant Robot ones when I get a chance to watch them. But I'll watch almost anything (can't stand the American version of DBZ, in Japan I guess there is more story and less action). I like the Gundams and Dancougar mostly. I also love shows like Card Captor Sakura and Blue Seed. One of my favorites was Martian Successor Nadeisico. Odd thing with that one was that it took a really serious story line and added a bunch of comedy around it.
  7. Sure, I will talk, what kind of anime do you like, for me I like watching action anime, but I watch pretty much everything out their, except Naruto, I prefer to read the manga then watch the anime, but what about you?
  8. Whenever you want to................................................ ................
  9. Thank's for the invite I hope that we will talk some more later
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