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  1. thank you so very much. all of my birthdays have had something bad happen on them. so I wasn't happy about knowing the history... I just really wanted to be sixteen. my birthday was okay but my plans didn't fallow through and I got into a figh with a friend of mine. grr... but it's okay. maybe next year nothing bad will happen. ^ ^
  2. That's cool, mine is actually on the 19th, and I will be 24, unfortunitely I will probley be working that day, even though I go to school I need money to go, so it's cool to pick up some more cash on this day, but happy sweet sixteen I hope you have a nice day w/ family and friends.
  3. in order Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, and Bleach. I'm really into action anime. ^ ^ my birthday is on the 10th and I'm sort of excited. I'll be 16. ^ ^
  4. My top three favorites are Akira-my first anime and probley the best one I have ever seen, Outlaw Star- I like comedy and action in a anime, and finally Fooly Cooly is my third and final anime in this list because sometimes you don't need a reason to watch a anime. What are your's?
  5. aw cool. I'm not watching anything at the moment. just browsing the internet and checking my messages. what's your top three fav. animes?
  6. Thank's for the instruction's, it's going good here, I just finished my second day of coaching football and thank goodness I have anime to watch and relax with after I coach. Right now I am re-watching Rune Soldier, what about you, what are you currently watching right now?
  7. yes! my instructions worked! lol. cool avitar. ^ ^ how's it going?
  8. I'll send you a private message to your inbox on here. when you open up your inbox (before opening the message) on the left side of the page look for the tab that says Edit Avitar. click on it, and look through all the avys you can chose from. ^ ^
  9. I am good, getting ready to help coach youth football next week and sign up for city college, but, how are you? how do I get a avitar?
  10. ^ ^ well, I'm glad I can be that friend. so how are you? and would you like to know how to get an avitar?
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