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  1. Really? To me its seem like its haven't changed at all, really does not look diffent at all to me what-so-ever. And for dbz don't watch the real life movie, it was not the best movie made ever.and i seen it at the theaters, waste of money
  2. oo i see XD , T,T everything have been changed in here well at least i feel like that hehhehe , oo DBZ >,< i haven't watched it before i know about it but i haven't watched it , to say the truth i didn't like it ... =^_^=
  3. dude i haven't been on for more than half the year. have anything changed since i been gone. What happening? Right now im just watching Dragonball z uncut version and its better than ever
  4. Hi HI , how are you my friend it have been long time since we talked to each other ^_^ .. =^_^=
  5. trust me I am that lazy as in really lazy dude. Im lazier than you think
  6. you can't be that lazy ? XD i am the most lazy person and i do many things that make me happy and make my boring away ... =^_^=
  7. Like what, Im too lazy, cant draw and all i do is either read or play games. Right now Im reading "Vampire Hunter D"
  8. ooo i see ... to take out your boring why don't you do something you like ,like a Hobby when i get boring i draw or start singing it's help a lot .. =^_^=
  9. No Im not upset, its was around 2005/06. And its just that im really bored, nothing much to do
  10. ooo i see XD , o i see there is nothing new and you look upset @.@ ... =^_^=
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