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  1. There are only a few that have moved me emotionally. there are directors that create movies that are just so beautiful like Makoto Shinkai, the creator of "The Place Promised in Our Early Days" One of my favourate movie ever
  2. ^_^ you almost cry but for me i cried XD i have many movies that i cried at , like a walk to remember at this movie i never stopped crying many moment touched my heart and not just in this movie in all movies that can effect in you ^_^ .. you seem that you like movies very much ?? .. =^_^=
  3. Its fine, I almost cried watching that movie. Only a few have made cry. Another is Voice Of A Distant Star.
  4. i am good ^_^ thank you for asking ... @_@ are you mad that i posted in your account , and for why i posted in your account becasue of your avatar XD i like movies very much and one of the movies that i love is The Last Samurai so i came to say hi ... =^_^=
  5. Hello friend, how are you? I'm fine in all. What got you to post a message on my account
  6. hi hi ^_^ ummm XD i drop by to say hi so hi XD .. =^_^=
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