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  1. Omg I hate hight hells there awful lol. Thats good!! I am happy to hear that. I really hope Friday and Saturday goes by fast and hurry up and be Sunday so I can be with my boyfriend hehe. I will really miss him once I leave......
  2. LOL i am sure that he will XD

    i was wearing a shoe with really a high heel and i thought my back will broke becasue i don't like wearing shoes with this hight LOL .... thanx i am happy for myself too though i was very afraid that i will not pass the test XD but i don't know how i did LOL ... =^_^=
  3. Yeah I will miss him I think the way he is that he will be the one missing me most lol.

    XD oh really whys that?.? ^_^ omg thats awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am happy for you!
  4. i see you are very happy about the week end :P ... have fun both of you ^,^ have a lot of fun time before you leave i am sure you will miss him from the first day ^_- ...

    and i had fun in my friend's party though my legs are hurting me LOL ... i am very happy now days becasue the Art college accepted me YoY ... =^_^=
  5. I can't wait next week were having fair brake so we get a week off school woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend I am going to IL. sadly so I wont be able to see my bf till sunday he was so sad when I told him. But on Thursday were going to hangout before I have to leave so thats good! I went to a birthday party on saturday. It was fun!!!!!!!!! so how have you been what cha been up to?????????????
  6. XD i am finally out from school ^,^ so i am having a lot of fun by just thinking of that LOL , XD nya~ that is nice ! i hope you have a lot of fun time with your BF ^_- ... for me i will go to my friend's birthday party XD i am sure that i will have fun >,< but i can't decide what i will wear ehheheh .... =^_^=
  7. Thanks! awsome~!~ I'm good thanks I just can't wait to get out of school so I can be with my boyfriend him and I are going to be hanging out all weekend and were going to a football game to day. So what chu ganna be doing this weekend??
  8. Hi Hi Jenny !
    thanx XD i like the pic too , and sure we can be friends ^_^ , how are you ? ... =^_^=
  9. Hello I'm jenny cute pic wanna be friends?????????????
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