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  1. LOL your parents like my parents in a way XD and that happen to my sister she like dark stuff and skulls and things like that just like Gothic people XD so mum and dad well especially mum afraid from making my sister decorate her room LOL so i do it for her XD since i put teddy bears and cute stuff in my room i have a lot of colors in my room XD well mum afraid from my decoration LOL becasue i am old for toys and kids stuff XD ... =^_^=
  2. lmao I cant re decorate my room my parents are scared of ho wI want it my mom says I need to chill on school though I got all A's ok Im a closet nerd lol
  3. lol ... XD i even change my room decoration from 2 weeks to 2 week XD i can't stand seeing my room in the same shape for years lol like my sister room , i even decoration food for meals , XD i am really lazy in school stuff and study so mum when she see me decoration my room and food she say to me "why don't you decoration your head to make it understand study stuff " LOL ... =^_^=
  4. actually yes I have I dont like doin the same style so I change it up I want my lip pierced at some point
  5. i know very well lol , XD the same style is so~ boring like you live the same day for ages lol have you felt that before ? lol ... =^_^=
  6. yep I like changin my style a lot I get tired of the same old boring stuff ya know
  7. lol good for you XD , i love changing style myself well that gives me a new feeling o.O do you feel a new feeling when you change your style XD well that what i feel .. changing my style give me a new mood lol ... =^_^=
  8. lol yeah ive also started wearing a different style of clothing my friends say Ive changed a lot and they like it lol
  9. lol i see now .. XD then work out a lot to stay in shape lol ... T-T i hope i can work XD , but to bad i can't @.@ ... =^_^=
  10. I have to work out if I wanna stay in shape plus girls like it when your in shape lol
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