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  1. comedy , romance and drama XD , T,T i don't like scary movies XD i have a weak heart for this stuff lol >< .... =^_^=
  2. yeah I watch horror or comedy movies what kind do you watch?
  3. lol me too !XD YAY PIZZA ~ Yam Yam XD , so~ do you like watching movies XD and stuff like that X3 , i love movies ~ ... =^_^=
  4. yeah but I like yuri cause Im alesbian, ohh I want pizza now!!!
  5. XD well i don't have one , i like the funny and romance kind of animes XD with a little drama will be great lol like i am making a Pizza lol ... =^_^=
  6. so what style of anime do you like to watch? I usually prefer yuri shows or comics.
  7. Nothin bored just got done with school (Im homeschooled) Im kinda glad I am to or else my friends would know that Im a nerd in hiding lol
  8. Hi HI !~ XD , it is nice to meet you ^,^ ... how are you ^^ ... and what is up -_-:: for me nothing just bored and school on the doors >,< .... what about you ? ... =^_^=
  9. Hey Im kinda new yet not cause I havent been on in 3 years now and Im just tryin to make some friends round here so whats up?
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