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  1. ooo i see XD so are you watching animes or playing games ^^ ... =^_^=
  2. Mostly just try to talk to my friends like you on here if I can and just spend time with family.
  3. XD ok then ^,^ so what are you doing in the time that you are not in school XD ... =^_^=
  4. Thats fine with me at least you and I can always have something to talk about.
  5. WAAAA T,T thank you .. that is very nice from you , ok from now on i will talk to you A LOT until you say Rose enough i can't take it anymore and make this face >,< lol ... but that if there is anything to talk about lol .... =^_^=
  6. Yeah I get what you mean and hey I'm a friend you can get a hold of almost 24/7 you know.
  7. XD good for you XD , in school there is true one good side of it , it is right that i am lucky by not going to school these days but still i miss my friends it is true that i talk to them every day on the phone but it is not like seeing them X3 ... =^_^=
  8. Yeah lucky but there is one good side for me geing back in school and its I got my class ring monday.
  9. XD good to hear that .. here school haven't started yet XD , it will start in October XD lol lucky me ~ .... =^_^=
  10. Nothing new besides school and I had a math test today and I know I past it.
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