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  1. wow nice i am sue that it is a great band ^_^ .... XD and thank you >< i can't believe i becomed 17 lol ... =^_^=
  2. life sucks, but the band is doing fine, we'll be in Tokyo over winter break playing for a high school, (btw, happy late birthday)
  3. ooooo i didn't know that , i haven't play the 4 yet ... XD my brother will be back from travel and he have the game on his laptop so i will have it from him XD lol ... so how have you been and how's your band .. =^_^=
  4. yea, but the anime is soo much better than even the game, and 4 sucks because you dont even play as dante until the later half of the game, and its only going backwards
  5. WOW i didn't know that XD this is nice , but poor dante T.T lol ... vergil strong that dante even in the game God he was vary hard to defeat >< ... =^_^=
  6. In the graphic novel, vergil is in it as gilver and he uses a shotgun and almost beats Dante!
  7. lol that is awesome XD , i like vergel too but i go more to Dante becasue he is funny ,and i wish if there is vergel in the anime don't you think so X3 ... =^_^=
  8. I agree, but I actually prefer vergil, since people cant decided wether to call me Dante or Vergil, so they started calling me both, its friggin' awsome!
  9. ooo devil may cry XD it is a very great anime i love Danti XD nyaa ... but i love Danti more in the game i think he is funny more than in the anime .... =^_^=
  10. oh, thats a tough one, I guess it'd have to be outlaw star or the devil may cry anime
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