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  1. Lucky us, indeed. XD Hey guess what? I'm so slow I only now realized both our usernames end in rose. XDDD
  2. lol just like me XD , boring things are the most things that we do lol and lucky us LOL ... =^_^=
  3. yeah, finding time to be on the internet is troublesome for me..
    Nothing much with me, just been working on stuff and being busy, the usual boring stuff. XD
  4. hi hi ~!! XD sorry i know it have been long time !! but what can i do there is no time that i can use on interenet hhehehe , and nothing is going just the boring normal me lol .. what about you ^^ ... =^_^=
  5. Hey Frozen, what's up? It;s like been forever, lol.
  6. hi hi XD sorry i didn't answer you i haven't online for ages XD ... so how are you and how have you been ? ^_^ ... =^_^=
  7. Just stay true to yourself. that's what makes the person.
    So whats up on your end?
  8. that is what i am working with XD , we all have our own opinion X3 ... =^_^=
  9. thats cool, dont be bugged by what other people tell you, just keep with your own opinion.=]
  10. lol >< it is ok , everyone have his opinion of manything XD all is important now is that i love this movie XD Nu~ , so everyone free to say what ever they thing ^_^, but after everything I ♥ Twilight X3 ... =^_^=
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