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  1. you are really a busy man why did you volunteer at summer ? you could have gone with friends on a trip or doing fun things better that working in the lab with rats and things ... O.O H...U..M...A...N BODIES @,@ that is scary if there is really bodies what are you going to do ? ... =^_^=
  2. LOL sleeping is great. i'd just love to sleep more but i have too much to do this summer -_- i volunteer at a lab at my local college, William and Mary, and work with a high altitude chamber and soon possibly rats. maybe even human bodies!!! 0_0
  3. XD i don't know yet >,< but i hope something good hehhehe , i can see that you save money from your eyes LOL , so you play tennis and everyday XD lucky you T__T , i don't have a sport to love T,T , the only thing i do is sleeping !! LOL ... =^_^=
  4. LOL i know how you feel. i play tennis everyday in this heat. its brutal! X_X wat college are you going to? since i live in VA im lookin at VA schools. and we sav money $_$
  5. congratulations XD , it is good moving on with life , we have nothing but moving on XD for me i am going to college next year !!! , i have been good *feeling hot* except the hot weather oh God i feel like i am a chicken in an oven LOL ... =^_^=
  6. i am quite fine ^_^. so you do remember after a couple years!!! im flattered @^_^@ but ive moved on in life. going to be a senior next year in school and currently lookin at colleges. basically time's moved on and i have to keep up with it. -_- so how are you????
  7. Hi >,< sorry i didn't answer your PM but to say the truth i couldn't open it T___T , there is problems in AO and this is one of them i am sure you have notice them T,T ... so i am very sorry so we have to talk like this until they fix it if you don't mind XD ... so how are ! ? ... =^_^=
  8. thanks. i appreciate your comment. i heard that said somewhere and i decided to put it under my sig. im more of a darked toned kind of person.
  9. hi ^_^ i like what you wrote under your sig ... it is a nice words ,if you need some one o talk to i am here ^^ ... =^_^=
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