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  1. MMMMMMMMMMM you are feeling boring you are saying:P mmm then what you will say at me here .... you live in haven for me ... =^_^=
  2. What playing around? it's very boring here ...
    and i didn't miss you MWAHAHAHAHAHAH J/K of course! lol
    I missed all of you there ...
  3. so you are playing around when i am not here , i will show you what i will do for you just wait HA HA HA ... =^_^=
  4. HI HI .... here i am enjoying my holiday how are you i missed you soooooooooo much ... =^_^=
  5. someone with a paranoia that you better didn't deal with ,anyways how's Retta doing?! i started playing Need for speed UG2 my side lol ... well yeah again!!
  6. ok ... so see you latter ... and by the way who got banned ... =^_^=
  7. ok ,i'll notify him and we'll be sure to receive the call!! and it's for the best.
  8. hi ... mam will come back tomorrow so tell Momen that ok and don't forget to call you and him ,if you didn't call that will make mam sad ..... you are going to stuck with me for ever after i finish my exams so see you ... =^_^=
  9. i waited for two hours sheesh! and open the messenger .. NOW!!
  10. hi ^_^ .... sorry i didn't show out yesterday i were have something to deal with .... sorry again .... =^_^=
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