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  1. yes i do and my favorite game creator is Square Enix which made the Final Fantasy games and they are awesome games
  2. ooo so you are a fan of un normal power interesting heheheh , if you like things like that i am sure that you like playing games a lot ? ... =^_^=
  3. i like to watch DBZ, tokko, descendants of darkness, blood +, trinity blood, bleach, eruka 7, and any other anime that deals with the super natural
  4. T,T like me i am bored to death >< there is nothing to do and school ah T,T make my life boring more and more >,< ... so is there is any animes that you like to watch ^_^ ... =^_^=
  5. nothin much but i so bored because i beat all my games and my PS2 died so now i got nothing to do
  6. Hi Hi .... i drop by to say hi XD .. so what is up ^^ ... =^_^=
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