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  1. k hehe *kisses your cheek* so wat have u been up to
  2. i am on line but me inbox is full , sorry i am clear come messages ^_^
  3. are you still online 0.0 i hope u are please reply and wats been going on
  4. life with me is hard T.T *huggles u* i wish it wasent hard on us but ahhhh
  5. hi i am very good thanks for asking ... and if you ask for the life it still hard , so how is the life with you -_^
  6. wats up :3 hehe how are u ^- ^ oh ummmmmm how is life
  7. *pokes u nya* im sorry *cuddles* how have u been and im really sorry*
  8. i am fine i am not the one who didn't talk you are the one ..... >_<
  9. how did u up load that cute pic up there hehe :3 ummmmmmm so how have u been i havent seen you in a while *huggle su* so wats up hehe :3
  10. hi where have you been ... you haven't talk to me ... you made me worry .... i hop you are alright ... see you
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