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  1. that is very nice that you find someone who is just like you , and of course he will be a bit strange becasue he is not you XD .. and the same here i have my fiend she is my twin soul but she is strange just like your friend Gary XD ... =^_^=
  2. Ah, I see. Well, yeah. Gary is really cool and lade back and one of my best friends... He acts very similer to me how ever is a bit... Stranger, and more out going then I am.
  3. XD sorry .. i knew you were talking talking about yourself but i wanted to be sure so i entered your friend Gary in the conversation XD ... =^_^=
  4. Not a problem. I was refering to my self being single, but my friend Gary is single as well so you were techincly right either way.
  5. woooo very good XD i am happy for you , but which is the one who is still single you or your friend Gary ... and sorry for the latte answering ._. ... =^_^=
  6. Well I just found an appartment/studio I like and it's very nice and the serounding area is beautiful. The land owners are really cool layed back people and the guy looks like an older version of my friend Gary. Ummm... Still single, which sucks... And I am stuck at work for five hours and then I can do what ever.
  7. you are welcome ^_^ ummm nothing really all i am thinking of is my exam now XD ... i don't think that much what i am going to do or what i am up to .. i just let my day take me to all things XD ... what about you ^^ .. =^_^=
  8. No not really, but thanks for the compliment any way. So what have you been up to as of late?
  9. thanks XD ... i will ... you have a lot of experience in weather stuff lol ... =^_^=
  10. Thanks. Im just throwing stuff out there, I really don't know if that is the case or not. Any way wrap your self with tons of blankets so you dont get cold.
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