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  1. ooo maybe i haven't think in it in that way XD lol ... i don't usually feel cold but yesterday night was a little cold so i felt that my arm in going to broke lol .... but you know it is an interesting view that you said ^_^ ... =^_^=
  2. Well that sucks. Thats probably because your muscles are constricting to tightly around your bones in an atempt to stay warm.
  3. lol ... when i feel cold my bones start hurting me and i feel like lets say my arm XD i feel my arm like a glass that if i moved it to much it will break lol .. =^_^=
  4. Whats funny is that I love winter but I don't like the cold. I think it's funny as hell when I go to say further north where it's cooler and what they consider a heat wave is perficly comfortable with me. While every one is has on tank top and shorts I have on geans and a black T-shirt and every one looks at me like I am crazy.
  5. lol ... nice ... me too i can be my own heater ... in winter sometimes my sister come and sit near me becasue she use me like a heater lol ....=^_^=
  6. Well with me, when I get to hot I start to be all grogy so I just curl up on the coutch and cat nap. Yeah I can be like that to, I can be my own heater.
  7. i love the heat as well but some times it make me hate it XD .. i like the heat and in you stood near me you will feel heat come out from me lol and sometimes when i touch my sister she scream and say that i am hot XD .. =^_^=
  8. Well that sucks.If it makes you feel any better it gets really hot here to so I know how you feel... But I love the heat... I live between the Ocean and the desert so I better love the heat. :P
  9. lucky you T,T ... oooo nice working full time XD ... and for my shopping ummm i got many things like cloths and DVDs and stuff like that yay but it wasn't that funny the weather was so hot at that day lucky me lol .... =^_^=
  10. Ahh yes, the good old exams... I am so happy I dont have to do that any more... Well not untill I go back to colage, I am working full time right now now. Well at least you had fun shopping. Did you get anything good?
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