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  1. ooo i see XD , so did any of your buddies came back or you are the only one who loge in again .... =^_^=
  2. Actually, when I left, it wasn't suppose to be as long as a year. I was just waiting for my old AO buddies to go back on. Weeks went by and nothing. Then months went by and still most of them didn't ever log on again. So I was kind of disappointed. A few days ago I finally decided it was time to log back on. So that's what happened.
  3. XD good that you came back to AO and that becasue i am happy that i meet you ... and i am enjoying my time on AO becasue on AO i found good friends and the one i love *blush* ... so yes i am enjoying my time ^_^ .. so why did you leave AO .. if i can ask you .. =^_^=
  4. yeah, it's funny cause I was here around the same time AO member, ketaro, came to AO. I just have busy and it's great to be back. Oh yeah, I'm fine thanks for asking. By the way, are you enjoying AO?
  5. XD ... and your welcome .. and i didn't know that you were here before XD , so welcome back .. and how are you ... =^_^=
  6. Thanks for the greeting. Wow, it's been almost a year since I have been back. Well, it's nice to hear from a friendly AO member.
  7. hi X3... ummm i were here to say hi so hi ^_^ ... =^_^=
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