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  1. hi hi Tem ^^ !! ... how are you X3 i hope everything is going well with you for me T,T i am still the same nothing is new hehehhe ... =^_^=
  2. ello ello rose, been awhile now, how are you...........?
  3. LOL you have the same life as i have ! XD heheheh .. ooo really XD when you are going to post it >,< i want to read it !! @,@ post it fast ...

    oo i add you know XD i forget that i have an yahoo LOL and that is all becasue of m brother >.> ... but i add you just now , ^^ are you online ? ... =^_^=
  4. oh and did u receive my friend request at yahoo? u use yahoomessenger right?
  5. working... being lazy... working... sleeping... working... watching anime... working... trying to figure out how to write on the ILYN... oh and im planning to write another story, im gonna submit it on that textnovel site tho, its titled Hi-Mi-Tsu Puzzle, its Romance/Drama thingi not like ILYN that has different kinda genres
  6. lol hi hi-hello to you too ... it is ok , good writers like you always find times that they don't know what to write in or what to do ! XD , struggling is a good thing keep like that and everything will come very fast to our mind ...

    and how have i been T,T very lazy lol and bored i don't know what to do , school have taken all my time >,< .. what about you ^_^ ? ... =^_^=
  7. hi rose, how have you been??? ive been struggling on how to continue the story, partly becuase i seem to have somekind of writers block, i know what to write, just dont know how to write it, if u know what i mean... so yaaah, right now im just saying "hi-hello"
  8. Hi HI !! sorry i couldn't talk to you >< , T,T don't get mad at me .... i read what you wrote it is very great , you are a good writer !! you should be proud of that and i am sure you are ^_- !! so what is up ^_^ ... =^_^=
  9. hi hi...! posted part of chapter 5, hoping to finish this chapter by the end of the week, since i can't wait to write chapter 6 and so on
  10. hey rose, how are you going? just woke up, and saw u online, care to chat?
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