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  1. ooo really , XD i am a big fan Thanx !! i will watch it for sure ^_^ , so how have you been ^^ ... =^_^=
  2. I saw the first couple of episodes its mostly the same thing with a few different things but yes if your a fan
  3. ooo really XD hehehhe what do you think of it do i should watch it ^,^ ... =^_^=
  4. Yeah there is The second one is already out and over it was 13 episodes.
  5. oo i love FMA , i heard that there is a new one called Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood >,< i want to watch it but i heard that is not that good as the first one XD , so have you hard something about that ^^ .. =^_^=
  6. Right now I really dont have one but my old favorite was Full Metal Alchemist
  7. XD ahhahah so what is your favorite anime ^,^ mine is Ouran High School Host Club i just love this anime very much ... =^_^=
  8. lol............................................... ...............
  9. XD aaa you read the story first >,< i don't read it i just read names and see pics if i like them i see the first episode if i liked it i finish it lol i am lazy for reading it lol ... =^_^=
  10. I like any type of anime but I alwasy look at the story in a anime before I read it.
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