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  1. even tho it's pretty late and i haven't been on the net for awhile i want to wish happy holidays =}
  2. XD that is ok , ooooo O_O 3 months !!!!!!! aaaaaaaa that is a very long time , i wonder too how did you managed not siting on net for this long time .. =^_^=
  3. sorry i haven't repiled back in like 3 months!!!!0_0 i no longer go on my school comp so i haven't been on since!! i don't how i manage to stay sane without going on the net even once!! T_T
  4. XD it was a sweet night ^-^ , i can be scared very fast so m sister was scaring me all the time XD lol , i really enjoyed it , here when i live we don't celebrate Halloween but i celebrate it with the family ^-^ , what about you ... =^_^=
  5. it's okay.........^_^ i can tell you were kind of busy so was I. anyways how did you spend your halloween??
  6. me too ^_^ thanx , so how are you today and sorry for the late answering X3 .. =^_^=
  7. it's okay!! the only thing you can is watch a new anime or watch the same one over again. that's what I do ^_^
  8. T-T you are right sometimes i become so sad becasue of one favorite anime ended WAAAAAAAAA , and sometimes i cry XD i feel like a baby when i say that lol ... =^_^=
  9. thanks I really love those anime. it's sad to see some of my favs has ended. ^_^
  10. that is very nice XD the animes that you like are great animes ^-^ .. =^_^=
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