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  1. haha, same. I'm not about to give of up writin'. I'll show you some when I have the time. Ok! I'll read it! Sorry for inactivity again! ^.^'
  2. DUde that cool is kira lol with red eyes......................................
  3. thanks and love the avatar you have, also my avatar is smple and practcally cool.
  4. congrats james. me im fine. got my new computer so i happy. didn't get my psp yet so that was kinda a downer but ill be getting it soon.
  5. nah i have a ps3
    but i dont play that much
    but thats why im bored
  6. how did it go? srry i didn't go on yesterday. went to church and then my cuz house.
  7. Jesus, hope the week turns out okay then. xD
    Oh, and you bought Resi 5, huh? I'd like to buy the Resi games, but I'm having so much trouble lately chasing down the old games of other series - for example, Final Fantasy and Suikoden and stuff. Some of the older games for those series' came out for the original Playstation, and old Playstation games (if ANY) are HELL to find here. Literally, I have NOT seen ONE PSone game in like, three years. And the one I found (the ONE, I must stress) was Shadowman. And I bought it. I keep it in my room to remind me what a PSone game looks like. x__x

    Theres a lot of old PSone games I'd KILL for, (ESPECIALLY Jade Cocoon) but I can't find them anywhere. ;o; -Sobs-
  8. yes sport games are for losers that can't go out, do sports.....lol
    well dude right now am Fable 2, wow dude that game is really great... I thought it was gonna be like the first one, but this one is good, am still playing on my ps2, FFT 12, I been playing it for a long time, am one of those guys who play the game entirely.. all the side quests and every little thing I could find in it....lol

    also am playing GTA4, yes I had time for all of them.... and yes I still have my ps2...lol
  9. My name? Redsquire? x3 I've just always used it when I've entered forums. S'just something I've always used. xp

    And your right, I was VERY achy today. ;_; My thumb is black and blue bruised from the amount of times I accidentally hammered it so many times. >o< And the palm of my right hand is bruised in a full circle from where I was pressing down so hard on a screwdriver to press screws into the wood. xD Owie. -Wiggles hand- ;o;

    But yep, I'm going to bed tonight, and I'm hoping to get a bit of lovely rest. <3 Stupid work today stressed me out. -__-; So hows your week been, other than the girl and everything? :3 Still sucky? Better?
  10. some males do, some males don't. it depends. hopefully it wasn't your fault.
    on the whole break thing, i know what you mean. i find it weird but its great. second sem. is full of holidays and breaks. well good luck with being a mod. for you ff 11 clan.
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