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  1. i think it just bad luck. cause i don't really have a fear of tests, i know whats on it.

    congrats. hope it all goes well. hope you pass the "test" with flying colours. thats too bad about the other girl though. yeah it true we are weird like that.

    you guys have march break too right? well hope your weekend/ march break is fun.
  2. you got to remeber the rules fuji other wise your going to get an infraction. don't worry it happens to the best of us. i got one because my sig was to big.
  3. i hope it goes ok with you and her. Me? i have been not so well, i have been have been sick since yesterday. i had to go to school since i had two tests and it was the last day before march break. I had history first period, I vommited on my history open-book test that was for homework the day before. good thing my teacher is understanding she let me sleep in here class and told me to forget about the homework i threw up on. then i had science. science i had a test, i was still sleepy from history so i wrote my test half a sleep hope i don't fail it. i have bad luck with tests, i sometimes get sick on the day of a big test. eg. i got sick( fever and everything) the day before my high school entrance exam to one of the schools i was applying to, and i failed it. then it was lunch. good thing the student teacher let me write my math test( which was suppose to be last period) during lunch. after i went home and slept. im feeling much better now. can't wait till march break im getting my new computer and my psp then.
  4. Your right. It WAS a pain in the ass.

    I just got done with it. I am LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY shaking due to the amount of work I've done today pulling stuff apart and sawing stuff and putting it back together. I havent stopped moving today until right now, and its like, quarter to midnight. -__-

    Weird that that girl said that, considering what she said beforehand, yeah. Some people are just really weird that way. Awkward as hell. o_o; Trust me, I can relate. <3 Sorry to hear it never worked out, but ah well, its always better you asked her anyway, instead of wondering if anything would have ever happened, yknow?
  5. same here the internet was down for me!!!!
    im back!!
  6. Good luck with the girl conquesting. ^_-

    We had a family friend over today to finish kitting out my room with a woodworked shelf for all of my consoles and one for my printer and scanner and other stuff in my walk-in wardrobe, and although the one for my consoles was fine, the one for on my computer desk for the printer and the scanner is too big. -_- Or too wide, whatever. Stupid mistake. We measured the width and didnt take into account the thickness of the boards, so no, it doesnt fit. I'm going to go out tomorrow, buy myself a saw, and pull it apart myself, saw the hell out of it, and put it back together. Because it's getting me down that its taken this long to finish. It's really awful.

    I need to buy wood effect for it anyway, so it looks all neat and not full of nails as they currently are. -_-;; 75$ seems a big expensive to get it fixed btw. I planned so much to have all of my stuff in my room finished and have so much sketched out for my manga and stuff, but it really hasnt happened. Theres just been way too much happening. Fail. </3 I'll just have to work really hard on it beginning next week.
  7. I've had a pretty durned crappy week myself, so I know where your coming from when you say thats been a crappy day. : ( I'd go NUTS if I got damage on one of my consoles or handhelds or something. I'd just go absolutely, TOTALLY nuts. Mental oriental. Yessirree. >o<

    So like, it can't be fixed then or anything? ;_; Or get changed for a new one? ;__;
  8. that day really does sound terrible, i actually can't believe that all that happen. poor you. i really don't think your going to have a day as bad as that again. lets hope it doesn't happen again.

    thanx. i guess im good at it.
  9. k i will when i do .
  10. no i don't act i can't act for beans, im stage manger, i handle everything backstage. thats sucks. your DS lid snapped off how did that happen? my bro's ds has been dropped countless of times and that hasn't happen to it. but its in pretty bad shape, half the touch screen scensors don't work, the A button gets jammed and the screen is floppy.
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