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  1. Awww, thankya's. My actual website is in my contact info. Thats my personal website I'm currently making. It links on to my online art galleries if you want to see pictures I've done. :3

    And I have a very small notepad around me that I generally write down quotes or quick thoughts in whenever I get an idea, and then I work on it in my room when I get home. We have a big house, so its generally quiet wherever we go in the house here. My room doesnt particularly have good lighting due to all of my plants, so yeah, I dont do a lot of art there. I do most of my writing there though.

    I find if I go back to check over stuff, I usually add more descriptive stuff to the storys. It fleshes out the storyline more, and makes it more vibrant and conceptual, but it also doesnt let the reader imagine for themselves what the worlds I write about might be like. Its a double-edged sword, far as that goes, I guess? : /
  2. ok im glad you know how to join groups. im terrible at first person shooting games. i never have been good at them and every time i try i give up. yup, the are awesome... i love in paradise how you can drive a motorcycle. i don't have any recent naruto games, i just play them at other ppl's houses.
  3. hey no prob. yup FSU extra mode sucks so much. fighting games? i love soulcalibur, streetfighter, guilty gear, mortal combat, to name a few. I have a few DBZ games, i think they're the only fighting games im not terrible at,that and naruto, the only thing im terrible at is bursting. FPS stands for First Person shooting. i love racing games, burnout, need for speed, mario kart, are my favs. there are alot of groups here i know you would like. you know how to join groups right?
  4. Ok thanks but youd better hurry because there are only a certain amount of spots on the captain exams
  5. "origami is shinigami's lame twin who makes origami from his deathnote pad. lmfao" A quote from one of my friends IRL, I just dont want to loose it so im posting it up.
  6. If you join my site please take the Bleach exam to become a captain by the way my username on that site is fireland im captain of squad13
  7. hey fuji. i see you don't have the hang of vm yet. i thought you were ignoring me for a sec. turns out you posted your message on your profile not mine. i don't mind as long as you call me by my name. the rules are at the top, its in yellow writing. yeah i know what you mean about the online world... its so lonesome in psu... esp. extra mode. i love all gaming. rpgs are my fav. though. im not good at fighting games but still love them. my next fav. would be racing games. i could never play fps games, was always terrible at them and i was never really fond of them.
  8. To be quite honest, I'm a bit of a constant perfectionist, drawing art-wise or writing-wise or grammar-wise, and I generally put myself as a decent grammatical/spelling-type person. xD But to be honest, if and when I publish material, I'll simply be leaving fixing things like spelling errors, etc for the editors, who will probably butcher my work anyway.

    ... Which might be why I'm going into self-publishing on some of my stuff, and to a publishers on some other stuff. : /

    One thing I dont - for ANY reason; put online, is my novel material. Work that is just simply type-written. I leave people guessing.

    Manga-wise or graphic-novel-wise, I have the original works. If someone tries to copy them and steal them, I'll whip out my lawyers and CAN their BUTTS. I could do with the copyright infringement money, to be quite honest. xD But yeah, my writing for like, novels and stuff, I dont ever put onto public forum. Only time you'll see it is when its on the bookshelf in your local shop, or straight off of my site once I get everything sorted up. :3
  9. Its Cool do you watch Bleach the one with the soul society
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