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  1. nah i have a ps3
    but i dont play that much
    but thats why im bored
  2. Iv been busy with school lately, its a bummer. Do you have a Xbox360?
  3. same here the internet was down for me!!!!
    im back!!
  4. lol yeah its good stuff man. How have you been doing? Sorry I havent responded faster.
  5. welll i c what u mean i saw it last night it was alll bad ass!
  6. Ah cool, yes Kira is a very good choice my friend Death Note is a great anime, it taught me my own values lol.
  7. Im with Kira!!!!!
    so yeah i love death note so bad!!!!!!!!
  8. Fellow Itachi fan, wasup? Are you into writing? Dude Death Note is a great anime, you for or against Kira?
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