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  1. Lmao sounds like you and the shelves had a ton of fun! XD. I have been busy as a matter of fact! I am dating a girl now, so shes been taking up alot of time lol. I donated blood today, and the guy who was taking the blood, messed up when he stuck my arm, so it hurts like hell right now XD. 2 Weeks from the net eh? Thats gonna suck!! Lol.
  2. I'm doing fine thanks, most of my woodworking is now, PRAISE THE LORD, complete. We're having visitors soon from Denmark, so to be honest, I might be disappearing from the internet for about a week or two when they come. -_-; I'm trying to get around everyone and tell them. Blah.

    So how you been? : 3 Busy-busy? I'm just bloody glad to have all those shelves crap done now. ^__^ I'm SO happy to have them done. Thank GAWD. XO
  3. Hey hey, how have you been? Sorry I havent been able to get on lately, I have been awfully busy with school, and now a girl friend. But its good to be on again XD. How are things holding up on your end?
  4. Jesus, hope the week turns out okay then. xD
    Oh, and you bought Resi 5, huh? I'd like to buy the Resi games, but I'm having so much trouble lately chasing down the old games of other series - for example, Final Fantasy and Suikoden and stuff. Some of the older games for those series' came out for the original Playstation, and old Playstation games (if ANY) are HELL to find here. Literally, I have NOT seen ONE PSone game in like, three years. And the one I found (the ONE, I must stress) was Shadowman. And I bought it. I keep it in my room to remind me what a PSone game looks like. x__x

    Theres a lot of old PSone games I'd KILL for, (ESPECIALLY Jade Cocoon) but I can't find them anywhere. ;o; -Sobs-
  5. Ah, I am sorry to hear about your bruiseness, I saw it coming lmao. Yeah deff take some rest, you went to work also? What do you work as? Stress and work sadly go together often. My week was horrible but I am having an excellent weekend, because this other girl I like is coming over today to hang out with me for a few hours, its a "test date" lol. So I am looking forward to it, and I got Resident Evil 5 from gamefly Saturday so that improved my weekend by an enormous amount, if my weekend was as bad as my week, well lets just say id be in an emo corner right now lol.
  6. My name? Redsquire? x3 I've just always used it when I've entered forums. S'just something I've always used. xp

    And your right, I was VERY achy today. ;_; My thumb is black and blue bruised from the amount of times I accidentally hammered it so many times. >o< And the palm of my right hand is bruised in a full circle from where I was pressing down so hard on a screwdriver to press screws into the wood. xD Owie. -Wiggles hand- ;o;

    But yep, I'm going to bed tonight, and I'm hoping to get a bit of lovely rest. <3 Stupid work today stressed me out. -__-; So hows your week been, other than the girl and everything? :3 Still sucky? Better?
  7. Very strong optimistic view you have there, Redsquire ^_^; thanks, your completely right . You did alot of work, I cant imagine sawing for that long, my arms would be jelly by the time I was done lol, I hate when you shake from over-extension of energy, best thing to do is rest those muscles, your gonnna be achey for a bit, you may even want to take a tylenol if it comes down to it.

    Where did you get your name from by the way? ^_^
  8. Your right. It WAS a pain in the ass.

    I just got done with it. I am LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY shaking due to the amount of work I've done today pulling stuff apart and sawing stuff and putting it back together. I havent stopped moving today until right now, and its like, quarter to midnight. -__-

    Weird that that girl said that, considering what she said beforehand, yeah. Some people are just really weird that way. Awkward as hell. o_o; Trust me, I can relate. <3 Sorry to hear it never worked out, but ah well, its always better you asked her anyway, instead of wondering if anything would have ever happened, yknow?
  9. Ouch, that sounds like a pain in the ass, I know what you mean, its so costly to repair things lately, I mean 90$ to repair my DS, f' that. And yeah 75$ is a lot for something like that to be fixed, when you can just do it yourself~ Lol I liked how you said faill.

    If it makes you feel any better, your not the only one having a rough time, that girl wrote back to me, and she isnt interested in dating, so that was a major bummer.. I mean I just dont get it, one letter she says "We are definatly a compatible couple haha" and then this??? It makes me want to switch schools, im so sick of the girls in this damn place..
  10. Good luck with the girl conquesting. ^_-

    We had a family friend over today to finish kitting out my room with a woodworked shelf for all of my consoles and one for my printer and scanner and other stuff in my walk-in wardrobe, and although the one for my consoles was fine, the one for on my computer desk for the printer and the scanner is too big. -_- Or too wide, whatever. Stupid mistake. We measured the width and didnt take into account the thickness of the boards, so no, it doesnt fit. I'm going to go out tomorrow, buy myself a saw, and pull it apart myself, saw the hell out of it, and put it back together. Because it's getting me down that its taken this long to finish. It's really awful.

    I need to buy wood effect for it anyway, so it looks all neat and not full of nails as they currently are. -_-;; 75$ seems a big expensive to get it fixed btw. I planned so much to have all of my stuff in my room finished and have so much sketched out for my manga and stuff, but it really hasnt happened. Theres just been way too much happening. Fail. </3 I'll just have to work really hard on it beginning next week.
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