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  1. k i will when i do .
  2. Oh cool, what kind of project are you working on? Lemme know if you post it
  3. yeh i am working on a big project .
  4. Oh I see, thats cool man. What are you up to? Your in high school too I take it?
  5. that cool my friend zero666mitaki he is relley good with that talk to him i alretty told him about it he is one of my friends that i am in school with he is more into that stuff i like backround stuff i can help him so talk to him and i will help if he likes it.
  6. You make anime? What kinds? I write my own stories and fanfics if your interested.
  7. i like that to but i make anime .
  8. Hey, nice to meet you! What are your hobbies? ^_^ I like anime and gaming :P
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