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  1. some of them are really good^^ but others they start of good and then they just die and people drag them on forever -.- and still there are others that dont make sense and are kinda pointless but hey it gets your post count up. it just all depends on what your brother is interested in and how good the storyline is.
  2. That awesome. so are the rpg's any good? my brother hasn't tried them yet, so i cant ask him.
  3. lol ive been here......lets see..... it'll be two years in july
  4. i got my pics off of ^^ great site if you want to get any kind of picture you want ^^
  5. thats cool. exactly how long have u been here? my brother has been here for a month i think.
  6. oh ok yea my friend was the one who refered me to the site along time ago lol and ive been here ever since
  7. Thanks! My brother is actually the one who told me about AO. but he isn't on right now. -.-
  8. hahah oh ok ive been here for a while so i think i can help you if you have any questions
  9. Hi there. My name is Furry Haseo. saw that u were online and thought id say hi. Im a newb so im trying to get a grasp of things. Haha...
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