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  1. my real name is diamond
    have you meet a girl named Sandra?
    she said that she had to a school named Burlington
  2. ohhhh. because you sound exactly like my friend. and her name is Dymond.
  3. i got to North Grand in Chicago
    and i went to Jackson for high school
  4. what school do you go to is it im weahtland and did you go to the high school Burlington high school by any chance?
  5. lol i'll give it a try
    i was called demond instead of my real name diamond at my old school b/c i always got into fights
  6. OMg i would shot that teacher if they ever said that to me. Would you like to kill them for you??? lol jk jk just make your face really red then when they start backing off noticing that you are getting pissed breath and then the redness should go away. i did that with one of my teachers and trust me he quit not even like a week later. He thought i was a demon. LOL =3 i laughed soooo hard when i heard that he quit.
  7. I'm in school as well. i plan on fighting a teacher that asked me if i was raised by wolves.
    but besides that i really don't have anything planned.
  8. i am goodi guess. i am in school right now. Oh joy. im just waiting for sagekillzs to answer my question i asked him but he is like not on the much anymore. so what are you up to today?

  9. I'm fine, how are you on this fine day???
  10. Hello! i am lindsy lohan!!! lol i love jeff Dunham. sohow are you???
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