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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I was AWOL for quite a bit of time. Things are going great over here. Back in school and loving it! What's good with you?
  2. I hate twitter it Blew up my Yahoo. Lol so how are you????
  3. You and me both. That's why I usually am on Twitter or Tumblr. Facebook is for cry babies. LOL.
  4. Lol yeah. I am ok with facebook but i mean like right now i am just sick of everyone whining and complaning about crap and i am getting sick of it.
  5. Yeah, Facebook is full of drama and angry people. I primarily use it for my artist page now. I'm on there long enough to update my status and disappear. LOL.
  6. Lol cool. Yeah i am on allll the time. It is really funny i was on facebook most of the time but now facebook is just getting really annoying
  7. Thanks for the add! ^_^
    I haven't been on AO in forever, so I'm surprised I'm getting friend requests, LOL. Anyway, I plan on being on AO frequently again, so feel free to hit me up any time.
  8. I'm not up to much. I just got out of classes myself. I had an exam that I hope I pass. I'm hangin' out with my brother right now. We had lunch and we're just dorkin' it up on our laptops.
  9. Hi how are you. i am in school right now what are you doing. lol i am funny
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