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  1. Yeah I do too and theres a lot of nice good ppl on here
  2. yeah i know!!!!! it is so much fun!!! i have lots of fun on the website.
  3. Oh kool that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. owww cool and the site is called naruto saga home. you can role play and chat and all that stuff
  5. Oh awesome what site? What job do ya have?.?
    Nm going on here beside I am single now. :P lol
  6. hi sorry i have been busy. new anime website that i found plus i have a job now
  7. Hey girl waz up? haven't talked to you in awhile so how have you been?
  8. I am good thanks how about your self? Our Christmas brake starts on the 23rd and go back the 3rd. I am hoping to spend my whole Christmas brake with my bf Roger hehe. Yeah, I love Christmas I got my bf and all my close friends something. Yeah I feel for you but my grandpal passed away 2 yrs ago in November. It is still sad thou that he can't be hear with us and only hear with you in sprit.
  9. The only bad thing about it is that my grandpa passed away in october and is kind of suck because we spend christmas with him.
  10. Hi how are you today? i really wish for this week to end. Because next week is Christmas break. I really want this week to be over. CHRISTMAS ROCKS!
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