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  1. Thanks, I needed to here that.*need 50 characters*
  2. dang that sucks. but it will get better i just know it will. so just hang in there ok. and i will be here for you.
  3. I not really sure where we stand right now. We don't really talk anymore, plus since the whole relationship has been long distance, I'm just confused lately.
  4. lol. r u still dating your GF? its soo cool to finally have some guy friends. 50 MORE
  5. As sweet as you want me to be.:3 *NEED 50 CHARACTERS*
  6. awwwwwww your sooo sweet. NEEDS 50 MORE CHARATERS!!!
  7. I'm good now that I got to talk to you :3. *NEED 50 CHARACTERS*
  8. thats cool i survived history just by talking to you and my ex. (oh the joy of that) so how have you been?
  9. I'm doing good (managed to survive band class ) How about you?
  10. hey hey hey how are you darkbird???? 50 CHARATURS!!!!
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