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  1. Idk what i am feeling i was in the hospital Sunday i was having Abdominal pains and just wasnt feeling good. i Have had a bladder infection for 1 1/2 month.
  2. would you tell me what is bauthering you? and what is the flip side?
  3. HIya how have you been????? i am doing ok i guess feeling really sad but at the same time really good.
  4. hey cutie what up! i feel like crap today i got hit by a car last night and i am in pain. so how is your day going?
  5. im back do you really have to go i am going to be so lonly on here.
  6. ok you have a good one ttul. i have to go as well but will be on later.
  7. i have to go but i will be right back ok. i need to leave for a little bit
  8. Well i just relized that we have talked in the past. i missed talking to you jacob. I am 18 and a female. and i love anime. i mean i absolutly adore it. how old are you and tell me alittle about your self too. i live on my own about to become homeless. so right now life as i know it is falling apart.
  9. *bows* it is nice to meet you Amanda i am Jacob. would you tell me about yourself?
  10. hiya how are you my name is Agura. Im just kidding my name is Amanda whats yours.
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