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  1. i still did not get it if you resent it but my yahoo is working or you though
  2. Oh ummm ok. I tried sending it to ur phone but i dont know if it worked
  3. oh no i did not get your message sorry lol. i had no signal hardly on the way home but i am home now so i should get your message now if you want to resend the message. sorry for not getting it before .
  4. Hey i try messageing you but you dont message back. Did i make you mad?
  5. your welcome and i am sorry for being late im packing for the beach . but i will be back you have my number if you want to call or text so i wont be to far away .
  6. cool thanks and your a really nice girl from what i know from talking to you , a guy should consider him self lucky to have you. and you do have my number *wink** wink* LOL anyway though i hope you can find a very awesome guy who isnt still in child mode where you live.
  7. who knows maybe i will one day but im not counting on it though lol .
  8. thanks love. I love ya. I hope that you find someone slecial too.
  9. im sure you will , but hey at leas you have choices not many people have that because there stuck in bad relationships there afraid to leave. just keep faith in yourself and dont change for anyone and you will find the right guy i am sure.
  10. Yeah i hope i find someone. I get really lonly from time to time
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