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  1. oh well some guys grow out of that stage but some dont , you might get lucky to fiind someone who is beyond that kid crap where they are always right. not every guy is like that but it sucks where you live is though.
  2. IM trying but thats all that is here. Guys who do that i want to find someone that isnt so ****ing egotistical. i want to find someone who loves me for me and not s e x
  3. guys who think that are egotists and still drag their knuckles like cave men , they will never change if they are like that and no one can be right but them. you should try to avoid jerks like that
  4. IM about to rip my ****ING HAIR OUT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why is it that guys always think that they are right or well at least my Exs. I AM SICK OF IT! I am about to ****ing loseit. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  5. ah cool hope the class is not to boring lol, and i sent it in a PM dont need others seeing it since my number is a secret lol
  6. awww lol hey do u have a phone i do whats ur number i could message u and love ya im in class right now
  7. well we have been talking and you call me love some times and i thought i should have a name for you lol. and i am 39 but will be 40 this year , im unofficially a senior member here though i guess i should make myself a signature lol. anyway though your very welcome . and i mostly just lurk on AO because no one my age is around to talk to but i do talk here though on the profiles since there isn't really anyone here that will get all award about some guy wanting to talk about anime or manga's lol .
  8. Awww thanks love. And why did you call me babe? =:3 lol its ok im Fine with you calling me that. And i am glad that i know you. I would have pulled my hair out if i had no one to talk to. by the way how old are you? i am 18.
  9. your welcome babe and that wasn't meant as derogatory lol . and its cool you have a good place to stay and you would think moms would be proud of everything there kids do , but hey we can be family and i will be proud for you more than anyone else related to you.
  10. Thanks Love. I really do hope i get this job and the one that i live at there is only me and one other girl and i have known her for like 3 months now. So i think i am good. But i really do hope that i can get this job if so then my mom will actually be proud of me for once in my life. But thank you I really do hope that i dont screw this up. But thanks anyways love.
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