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  1. hey how r ya, i'm doing okay. no i'm not into Role Playing sorry.
    i don't socialize much, except w/ people i know an trust.
    i don't like being pressured to socialize. haven't heard from ya in while what's new?
    take care. Friends, Raven. P.S. i move to my new apt on March 31
  2. hey hon what's up nothing here just thought i'ed leave a message i'm feeling
    kinda depressed right now. so i'm taking a break for a while if i can
    i'll tell u more in a about week or so. take care gaara, friends. Raven
  3. hi! there. so how r u? i'm okay just sleepy.
    you sound like sweet understand kid so few of those around.
    you r special. if u want to pm me is okay boss. lolz.
    i also sew i made my own anime plushies, can't send pictures though as i am poor.
    no job had some jobs but i'm retired. i get social security plus i have a payee who
    handles my $ but i get by. i live on my own, been 2 years now it rocks!
    well peace out. Raven
  4. hey so u r an atheist? please lmk. i'm a female.
    i'll be your friend u don't mind how talk it's okay.
    plus i have a mental illness which why i only talk to atheist's
    i like to draw too. i'm also 36 years old, is that okay?
    well take care. friends, Raven
  5. hello. my name is raven. you sent me a friend request but was'nt sure if u
    had read my profile at all. did u? anywho as it says im an atheist and it's
    hard finding people to b friends with who r. r u? i hope so.
    if u want to u can resend your friend request if u read my profile an still want to
    b friends it would b awesome. so lmk how old r u? r u a boy or girl? what stuff do u like?
    i like anime and drawing. well peace. Raven
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