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  1. it is a dance show my mom always has one in may and december so that will be cool but i send you love and hugs for christmas and i hope you will be ok and i wish you will be ok.
  2. i'm fine alot has been happening i have a show coming up that i'm perfroming in, i have to go chistmas shopping,my family is coming for christmas, and alot more i just have to deal with it as it comes i just don't know how yet.
  3. more power to you and now guess what stay snigle fro a bit then when you find a better guy then you can be with them you will find the right one for you we all do.
  4. hey it has been a long time how are you doing since the last time we sopke my freind?
  5. hello last i saw you were on but i guess you had to leave but thought i'd stop in and say hello and check on you.
  6. lol i know what you mean i went through the same thing all the time teachers are very fainal i learned that the wring way (bad girl) i was a little lol but i understand.
  7. well now your in luck cause you can talk to me and i'm very freindly you can ask anyone on my freinds list on here.
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