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  1. Awww whats wrong? you dont have to tell me but i hope that you are ok. I messaged but i am leaving here soon thats why i wanted to RP with someone. Dont worrie today isnt a good day for me either my uncle passed away 3 years ago Today.
  2. we'll see. cause i ain't got long anyway. today isn't a very good day.
  3. Its ok. Hey we should roleplay on Dragon Ball z The one i made. Please if you are up to it? And its ok i hope everything got settled yesterday.
  4. what's up. sorry i had to log off yesterday. just had some shit to take care of.
  5. Hey how are you doing? i missed talking to you. I hope that we can roleplay on Dragon Ball Z sometime. PM me.
  6. my bad. i didn't know it made that much of a difference.
  7. What are you up to love? sorry if i upsetted you. I didnt mean to.
  8. Its fine. And im sorry i sent that i am doing three things At once it was supposed to just say love. Lol im sorry. And its fine. Im kind of scared of guys
  9. nothing personal im just a big pussy with girls. i didn't mean to make you feel sad or anything. i talk a big game but i can't back it up.
  10. wow. i don't know if "my love" is going to work right now. take i slow. this is to fast.
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