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  1. I like it. I think that it is really cool! How are you my Love?
  2. im here. how are you doing. i made a new gallery. go check it out.
  3. Where did you go? i missed you. How are you doing???
  4. how do i post photos? im trying to send one now but i don't know how. im new at this site.
  5. i suppose. but i don't know if i can act out all of the actual scenes.
  6. that sounds really pleasant. but for now, it must wait. let your spirit carry you anywhere. and whoever you meet on the way, give them a chance.
  7. yeah i've tried. it sucks cause you can't be there for them and vica versa. but always remember that there is that one person that you will find who is going to be the perfect fit and won't care what you look like. sadly, im not him. cause im to far away and im going into the military soon. but you'll find him.
  8. damn. i live pretty much across the country. that sucks. but hey, we can still be freinds if your cool with that.
  9. do you live in pueblo CO? or somewhere close to pueblo?
  10. your not that bad. like i said, you underestimate your self.
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