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  1. yeah but maybe there will come a 3 now that it ended like that
  2. him and me both i think it could have been done much better then that
  3. yeah my brother was rather disapointed but the game itself is actually pretty good ^^
  4. o fable 2 ownz face tho the ending sucks majorly rofl
  5. Sleeping that was pretty fun and nice bit nothing special really, just playing a little Fable 2 ^^ what about you?
  6. lol yeah well what are you up to today ? anything fun?
  7. it's allways nice to have a good memory XD mine suck sometimes, maybe that's why i can't remember, but nice to meet you..... Again
  8. more or less anyways i am mark tho my friends call me emokid or vortex
  9. oh well i guess you would know that better than me
  10. you do silly but its been along time so almost no one remembers me
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