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  1. lol same here there is like nothing to do here rofl
  2. Same as usaul bored out of my mind and doesn't have crap else to do.
  3. yeah i never mention it but hey me i am well alive not a good day today and you?
  4. OK then funny enough *laughs a little* so what's up.
  5. my real name i do not speak it where other's can read it usually but eh mine is mark
  6. That's your real name just another username. Oh I'm Demarious or you can call me A8 or anime which ever you choose.
  7. well that would be awsome o befor i forget my name is vortex ^_^
  8. That's gotta be tough on ya. But willing to have a little or long chit chat with you.
  9. me mostly doing my medical class work and look to talk to others its been a very long time sence i talk to others on here
  10. I'm thinking of a another signature to make but I'm boomed out. And you my good friend..
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