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  1. also i need go bye my sweet boy *smile and kiss your cheek* bye
  2. oh i see.. *smile* that okay also u want to *smile* because i am good cook
  3. *smiles*yeah food is always good lol me i dont eat much :P
  4. yeah u right *smile and blush* i want go my cafe because there have good food therel ol
  5. well i know you got a strong spirit you can do anything u whant as long as you beleave you can^_^
  6. i am fine *smile* also i am work at cafe but it hard work but that okay lol
  7. aawww that is nice of you lol how are you doing today^_^
  8. how are u?????? what u doing?? my sweet boy *smile*
  9. lol well being nice is good to m ake others happy and truely feel alive is to truely live
  10. awwwww thank you! because i alway nice girl and lot smile lol *smile*
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