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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy your online howv you been? i will be back on in 30 mins gtg
  2. nope like always i am such a trouble maker no one will stop me ha ha ha ha ah i am just kidding every thing is good
  3. well sexy i am kicking strong you being good? i hope so lol ^_^
  4. hey hows it going i just spent my first (and last ) night in juvinille hall how are you LOL
  5. NO WAY !!! are you ok ? that is sooooo horrible so i am listening so tell. i have really missed you!!
  6. hey pretty ladie hows things going for yeah ? seems not maney knew i was gone i was deathly sick
  7. you havent been o for a while is something wrong i hope every things ok
  8. i have been reborn about 5 or 6 times and you think your crazy

    no dont even try i can beat anything
  9. ^_^ i was born dead legaly i was dead too and what goes on in me would blow your mind question is how maney times was you reborn?
  10. it is good to have a special trait
    mine is a very very special one
    i can see people's ora because when i was 10 i legally died so now i can see things
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